SOAR Professional Services prides itself on servicing our client’s needs. Our team members have been providing Indigenous-focused services for over ten years. We have had the opportunity to deliver on projects within our core technical areas of planning, environmental, and engineering with projects ranging from feasibility studies, business plans, and pre-design to advanced engineering including detailed design. 

We have a proven ability to foresee potential obstacles and develop solutions based upon an extensive knowledge of Indigenous funding mechanisms, governance, and management structures. Our structure and operational model, through our partnership with Dillon Consulting Limited, allows our team the flexibility to seamlessly operate and provide integrated solutions with the full contingent of the 900 staff between our two organizations. 

We are committed to a one window approach to service delivery for our clients and have commonly partnered with a broad network of companies to best serve our clients towards their objectives and vision. This approach allows us to work with the right partner for every project through facilitated guidance with our Indigenous team and has proven time and again to be the perfect balance for our client needs.