Dillon Consulting Limited proudly announces the launch of SOAR Professional Services


Led, staffed, and owned by Indigenous professionals, SOAR understands the diverse traditions and cultures of Indigenous communities and is committed to capturing community perspective in all the work they do.

In addition to their Indigenous client base, SOAR works with Canadian corporations that share their progressive view on advancing their relationships with Indigenous peoples positively.

SOAR’s partnership with Dillon Consulting provides access to significant technical resources and expertise and will allow expansion of capacity as required to deliver projects that positively impact the lives of Indigenous people, regardless of project location or complexity.

“We believe we have created an organization with purpose and bold objectives, representing how a Canadian corporation, inspired by progression in the value of inclusion with visionary leadership, can promote a truly innovative approach towards reconciliation. SOAR aspires to provide Indigenous people opportunities to help their communities the way I was empowered by Dillon early in my career. I am proud of the courageous path we are setting upon, given our desire to do things the right way, for the right reasons.” - Ryan Dunbar, President, SOAR Professional Services LP
“SOAR is an extension of Dillon’s Mission to Empower Passionate People to Create Better Solutions.  At Dillon we strongly believe in the value and difference an employee-owned company provides to both employees and clients.  SOAR Professional Services was born from the vision of our passionate people and as a minority owner, Dillon is fully committed to empowering and supporting the Indigenous owners of SOAR to build their own Employee Owned firm. Supporting the creation and development of SOAR is a step towards acknowledging the legacy our historic governments have created with Indigenous Peoples, moving towards reconciliation in a meaningful way.  I believe under the vision and guidance of Ryan, SOAR will become a destination for Indigenous entrepreneurs and professionals to make meaningful change in communities across Canada.“ - Sean Hanlon, Chief Executive Officer, Dillon Consulting Limited

SOAR Professional Services LP (SOAR) is an innovative, employee-owned planning, engineering, environmental science, and management consulting firm dedicated to supporting First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities and organizations across Canada. SOAR’s work focuses on economic development, housing, environmental, planning, and infrastructure projects.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Michelle Newallo